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It was not an easy decision... No one said it would be easy... We didn't want to take the easy way out because we had already decided to publish this magazine... Of course, the Covid-19 Pandemic, which locked us all in our homes as we entered 2020, taught us something important: Knowledge increases with sharing...


The content in our magazine will be written with a completely independent and objective approach and will not contain any commercial purposes. In order to reach you in a more practical and faster way, we will be publishing only on the web platform, not in print.


If you wish, you can contact us via our contact information and send your comments and suggestions about the topics we publish or the topics you would recommend us to publish. As 361° Magazine, we are proud to have started our publishing life and meet with you, and we wish you all healthy days without pandemics and shutdowns.

What awaits you?

In this journey, we will try to bring you up to date on many topics related to our sector; you will find many topics such as our legal column, city analyses, REIT reviews, sectoral articles, congress-meeting-organization announcements, industrial and machinery valuation topics, real estate developments in the international arena, news from professional organizations such as RICS in 361° Magazine.

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For all your contact requests, you can contact us via the e-mail address we share below.

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